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Mark and Laura Newell (USA) – Mark teaches Organizational Psychology at The Corvinus University of Budapest.  The focus of his research is on the development of teams and employability skills through Service-Learning.  Laura is a Speech and Language Pathologist and teacher of English as a foreign language.  Mark and Laura have lived in Budapest since 2005.


Benjamin Illes (HUN) - Benjamin is a graduated Corvinus University student from the International Business program. He has been working with people from primary school students to young professionals, developing their skills and leading them.



Since 2014, D3 Hungary has been organising camps and programs for students and young professionals from all over the world along with to develop the whole person through the body, mind and soul. 

We set up a safe environment for our community for service (volunteering) and personal growth. In the heart of our culture lays the investment into the individuals which means accepting, appreciating and affirming each other along the way. Through programs like serving at a home for special need people, going on a hike, reflections, sport events, doing Bible discussions, leading camps and participating at workshops we seek develop a community and take people out of their comfort zone to have them see the different realities of the world that helps them develop a healthy perspective on themselves and on the people around them.

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