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Education is therefore a process of living and not a preparation of future life (John Dewey)

We believe in action-learning as a fruitful platform for development. In this environment participants face real life situations (eg.: serving in a home for special need people, camping, etc...) and are helped to experience and grow through them. This form of informal education unites people under a common goal and gives space for knowledge creation, experience, creativity and personal support.



Tom Yeakley in his book called Growing Kingdom Character talks about the fact that unlike man people today believe skills on their own do not take us to stable, healthy life. They are important, but not the start. He says that skills need to be developed on a foundation of a character that can handle different situations so that we would know how to use our skills. According to him love, humility, servanthood and teachability are the four foundational character traits. In the programs students can experience, learn and talk about the topic of developing a character.

Community and Team

The society is built up of thousands of small communities. And these communities are the small unites of social change. Once we understand what a community really means, we experience how much we desire to be a part of one, see how we can work together with others and what it takes to lead one, we will have a healthier life and the power the inspire other people and make our values, thoughts and knowledge count.


Leadership is a much broader term than just describing it as an activity at a company. It goes way beyond business. It appears in our relationships, friendships, free time activities, hobbies, parenting, everyday life situations. Leadership is not only a set of skills, but a mentality to face different events of life. There are many theories, assessments and skills to talk about, but first of all we would like to give a leadership experience for the participants and casting the vision for who a leader is what a leader can do.

Social skills

Emotional Intelligence is a big topic today. To perceiveunderstand, manage your own and others' emotions is getting harder and harder in a world where freedom and individualism is so popular. Building relationships with others is a field that can be developed. Not all of us are born with perfect social skills, but with experience and patience we all can learn and understand how we can develop and maintain healthy relationships with each other.


Today people tend to think mostly about persuasion and sales when it comes to communication. However it is just a tiny small part of it.  Communication impacts from personal to all the way to organisational fields of life. It is about relationships, mental health, teamwork, productivity, is really there in every aspects of life. A good communicator plays a very important role today and we would like our participants to taste and understand it.


The different countries of the world are becoming more and more connected and interdependent. People can work and travel almost anywhere now. People from different cultures have less and less boundaries to interact with each other. In this world we need prepare and think about how I am able to manage cultural differences.

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