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The need to help others and find meaning in our lives is there in every one of us. The big question is "Can we live it out?". For most of us, we need leadership and inspiration to have courage to serve others. By being a part of this community and are standing as a pioneer on the frontiers of social capital to be an example and a leader for those who need help to start on this journey. No matter if your contribution is big or small, if it comes in form of money or human capital it counts and matters a lot. Stand up and be an example for your community.


The beauty of taking care of your environment is that while you are contributing you are also investing into people. The culture you are setting around you lays down the foundation of the culture of your future colleagues, partners, customers, clients. Reach out for the people, think long term, invest in them and lay down the foundation of the culture of you future company members.


Provide support

D3 Hungary is looking for companies who would support our operations. Volunteering connects all of us. From primary school kids to foreign university students and from Hungarian disabled people to foreign university directors. It is a ways to pass on knowledge for the younger generations, provide a set of values through experience and say something to social problems. A donation today is a possibility for tomorrow.

You can help in many different ways:

Financial support

Camping equipment

Food and beverages

Stationery products and services

Fuel and transportation

Board Games and other games

Sport equipment


IT equipments

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Provide serving opportunities and access to your community

We are seeking for establishing meaningful and long-term relationships with other organizations both inside and outside of Hungary. We would like to host as much volunteers as we can with the widest selection of programs possible and through volunteering we would like to cooperate with other organizations to answer social problems. 


Possible organizations include:

Primary Schools

High Schools


Children Homes

Homes for Disabled People

Elderly Homes



Foreign Organizations

and any other organizations where human connections make a difference

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