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In the English Camp we connect High School and University Students with Foreign Students in order to: 

Promote cultural openness

Personal Development

Team Development

Language Development

Making international connections


Imagine a culture as a lens through which you see and interpret the world around you. The idea of this program is to give new lenses for the participants so that they can look around with fresh eyes and see things they have not before. Through formal programs (workshops, guided conversations, etc...), informal programs and new relationships the participants get exposure to different characteristics of other cultures. By getting more and more information they will face the fact that their way is not the only way to see things. And others are neither worse nor better. Only different.


Once we realise that our culture is not the only way to look at the world we might ask the question: "How do I go from here then?"
During the program you go through games, exercises and projects that are fun to do and that will bring out your strength and weaknesses. How do you work in a team? What skills you have? Where are you as a leader? What is your place in a team? What motivates you? And lots of other interesting ideas, methods and tools that can help us find focus what to pursue in our lives. 


After reading a book, attending a workshop, watching a video about skills and values we all pretty often ask the question: "Can it really hold any relevance in real life at all?"
Creative games take out everything that you have. Under circumstances when there is time pressure, team pressure, the desire to win our skills are really challenged. Such events show the students the value of a team, the value of self-development and how much they are worth. What creative games? Like the cardboard boat competition.

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