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As you can read it on different platforms Hungary is one of the most popular destinations in Europe to visit. The monuments, the programs, the people, the cuisine are all very appealing for foreigners. Though the most popular place by far is our capital city, Budapest, we are about to show you places outside of Budapest that you can't have in any other ways.


We need you. We need your knowledge, your experience, your skills, your ideas, your worldview, your motivation, your friendship, your friends, your support, your love, your caring, your humour, your teaching, your leadership, your help, your stories, your games, your inspirations. We need the whole of you.


In our programs you have no ways getting around working with Hungarian people. This environment helps you knowing your team mates pretty well pretty soon. It can take only a few days to find a friend for a lifetime or someone who makes an immense impact on you. Who knows!? But with Hungarian people you have a great chance!

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