After spending so many years behind school desks and students can shift away from practical things closer to theories and ideas. Only learning and thinking rather than doing too. These programs really put you into actions. Everything you learnt, everything you know can now be applied in practice. Volunteering is not easy, because it always includes change. But change is something that makes your comfort zone wider.


On the way of entering the labour market you might face the need for being sensitive to different cultures or being able to speak well in English. International connections are not only good for these reasons. It opens up the world more you would imagine. New friends around the world give you new destinations to travel, new ideas to think about and new values to believe in. Don't miss it!


Who is a leader? How can I be a leader? Am I already a leader? Can I learn to be one? Today we try to find word and theories to teach leadership. But there is no better teacher than reflected experience. In our programs you have path to experience what is the meaning of the word "leader" is for you and what kind of a leader you are.

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